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Challenge prizes
for all categories
  • Winner 1 • CHF 10,000
  • Winner 2 • CHF 5,000
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Details of the challenge

Glucamides are the next generation of natural surfactants derived from glucose and natural oils, with a Renewable Carbon Index of up to 96% and with a top cleaning performance that matches current non-green alternatives in the market. They are extremely mild and create formulations that are gentle to hands and surface materials, and their excellent eco-toxicological profile makes it suitable for products with ecolabels.

Due to all these amazing benefits we want to extend their reach, hence Clariant is calling for academic and industry partners from the open innovation ecosystem to join us to explore new opportunities with our sugar surfactant technology. By participating in this challenge, the top two finalists will stand a chance to win CHF 10k and 5K respectively. All finalists will be considered for various partnership and funding opportunities, as well as access to our in-house expertise and global markets.

Category desired outcome

We are seeking innovative formulations containing at least one of our provided surfactants for any application (e.g. homecare, personal care, crop solution and etc.).

Category requirements

Guideline for acceptance of formulation concept:

  • Comprehensible recipe and preparation instruction ​
  • Define potential application area​ ​
  • Physical and analytical test results of the formulation (viscosity, pH, appearance, storage test results)​
  • Provide logical reason for applying ingredient in formulation
  • It must be possible to reproduce the formulation according to the information submitted